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Custom Illuminated Yacht Lettering For Your Boat

Yacht Lettering is a worldwide leader in custom yacht sign manufacturing and installation for illuminated yacht signs. We have nearly two decades of experience and completed more than 10,000 projects. We are the experts when it comes to yacht lettering graphics and create custom designs you’ll love.

Check out our yacht signs design tool to get started or get in touch with us to discuss your design ideas.

Yacht Lettering Signs

Our Portfolio

How It Works

Graphic Measurements

Give us the information and location of your boat and we will come to you. We’ll measure and take pictures. We’ll create a virtual design, showing how your custom yacht signs will look to help you visualize the look and determine exactly where and how big you want your yacht name lettering.

Luxury Design

Once we complete step one, we start building with your custom typography graphics. Our top-rated designers are here to give you exactly what you’re picturing and bring your raised boat lettering design to life.

Lettering Development

Once you’ve confirmed the layout and design, we ask for a deposit. It takes between one and six weeks to get the final yacht lettering graphic completed, depending on the materials and style you choose. However, we can expedite projects if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are yacht signs?

Yacht signs are high-end lettering products custom-built for luxurious yachts. Who says your boat’s license plate has to be boring or dull? Custom yacht signs identify your boat and reflect your sense of style.


How long does it take to make and install one of these signs?

Depending on the materials and design, it can take from one to six weeks to build out your customer yacht name lettering. However, we can often accelerate completion.


What grade stainless steel do you use?

We use 316L stainless, the industry standard for metal grades in the marine industry. It provides superior corrosion resistance for long-lasting durability.


How long does the lighting last?

Our yacht lettering can last for years! Our lighting solutions come with a three-year warranty.


What’s the most popular single color lighting?

The most popular colors are warm white, cool white, and blue. But, we can design all sorts of options for your yacht lettering.

Stainless steel lettering

Illuminated Sign Colors

Our line of lighted custom LED yacht lettering provides luxury designs and can last up to 8 years. We provide a variety of sign colors, designs, and appearances allowing you to create the perfect fit for your yacht.

Yacht Signage

Stainless Steel & Acrylic Vibrant Colors

Our raised stainless-steel lettering, wood, and acrylic are made 100% in the USA. You get long-lasting quality that doesn’t corrode or fade even in harsh marine environments. From classic looks to vibrant colors, our boat name signs stand the test of time

Beveled painted letters


Visit our custom yacht signs design page to create your own signage and get a free quote. Our designers can also create a custom design for you.