Steel & Acrylic

Stainless Steel & Other Finished Options

Polished Steel and edges

Stainless steel lettering

We use high grade 316L (highly corrosion resistant) stainless steel for all of our lettering products. We cut our steel with a water jet CNC machine and polish the face and edges of the steel by hand to get the highest grade of polishing possible.

 Our stainless steel is made 100% in the United States Of America and proud of it.

Stainless & Acrylic

Lighted stainless letters

Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed Stainless steel letters

Stainless gold finish

Gold Stainless Steel Lettering


All of our stainless steel that has a colored finish go through a process called Titanium Ion Plating which increases the wear and corrosion resistance in the marine environment dramatically, this process utilizes titanium nitride that provides an extremely durable coating.

3D Painted letters & Gold Stainless Outline

Painted Letter With Gold Outline

Beveled painted letters

Custom Painted Letters

Letter B with a custom painted orange


Painted 3D Lettering

Solid acrylic face

Black acrylic marine letters

The acrylic shown is solid all the way through, this is a man-made material usually composed of a combination of alumina trihydrate (ATH), acrylic, epoxy or polyester resins and pigments. typical colors are Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, etc.

Outline VS No outline

Outlining the stainless steel with a colored acrylic seems to be the most popular decision when it come to a yacht name. It gives the name more texture and really makes the stainless “POP”.

Having no outlines makes the stainless steel look more settle with a classy look. This also makes the name look a little less noticeable during the day.


Letter D with gold and black vinyl

Stainless Steel Polished EdgesStainless Steel Polished EdgesStainless Steel Non-Polished Edge

Srainless Steel Non-Polished Edges


“later down the road of life, i made the discovery that salt water was also good for the mental abrasions one inevitably acquires on land and for Yacht Lettering.

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